Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shooting Range

My husband is a law enforcement officer and an avid hunter.  Well, an avid hunter before the kids were born.  When we were first married we would go to the shooting range together.  My husband reloads and likes to collect guns of all types.  So, it only made sense to pass on the knowledge and hobby to the kids.

A couple of months ago, a friend told us of a local pistol club that opens up every second Saturday of the month to kids who want to learn to shoot.  The dozen or so men out there teach gun safety and shooting skills.  The big kids had been there once before.  And then had the opportunity to go a couple of weeks ago.  They all love it and are pretty good at it too.

It is a progressive kind of class.  Every time the kids shoot they have the opportunity to move up to the next harder skill level.  They are given awards and pins and encouraged to compete.  The men who run it keep track of all of it.  And are super encouraging.

The run such a tight ship that I was able to take all four kids (including EG) and really never once have an issue.  Daddy showed up a little later, which was good, because he was able to really spend time with each kid and give a few pointers.  NG is a natural shot and is advancing pretty quick.  LM takes a little more time but knows exactly what she is doing, doesn't need any help and is progressing nicely.  Boop is like his daddy in that even though he is right handed he is left eye dominant (not sure if I have that exactly right) but he has to shoot in a way that isn't exactly comfortable or feels natural.  But, the minute daddy was able to correct him, his shooting improved greatly.

The kids have really enjoyed it as have daddy and I.  Unfortunately ballet will start up and it will be hard for us to participate.   But, we look forward to getting out there again maybe one more time before then . . . 

Monday, December 30, 2013


We spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  This year my job was to bring dessert for all of us.  I baked my usual cookies but then decided to venture out a little bit and do something a little more festive.  Actually my sister-in-law gave me the idea.  I googled mini pies and came up with a crazy easy recipe for mini cherry and pumpkin pies.

The girls and I had fun making them.  And, if I do say so myself, they turned out pretty good! 

Thanksgiving was great!  All the cousins did their annual Thanksgiving day play with a little twist.  "Yo, let's eat."  Pretty sure the Pilgrims and Indians didn't phrase it quite like that.  During dinner my niece announced she was engaged.  We like the guy she is going to marry.  He likes our kids and loves to hang out with them.  As evidenced by the following pictures.  

Dinner prep.

Everyone gathered around the Thanksgiving table.

The kids, young and old acting silly with their place cards.

The oldest and youngest brother in the kitchen.

Like father, like son.

Girls and hair.

EG is in there.

Missing two of my husband's siblings and their families.  But, a good family picture none the less.

Always fun to get together . . . 

Sunday, December 29, 2013