Friday, August 21, 2015


About 3 months ago, maybe longer, we were watching some big golf tournament on TV. In the latter part of my life, I was around golf. I caddied a time or two for my mom and stepdad. When I was older, I worked at a country club and one benefit of that was I was able to take a lesson or two. The Pro said I had a good swing but I think he just wanted me to continue so I would actually pay for my lessons.

Anyway, Boop really enjoyed watching the tournament and expressed a desire to learn to golf. Well, I know that golf isn't the cheapest sport out there and I sure wasn't going to dump a ton of money into something I wasn't sure he would stick to. So, I started asking around. Trying to find out the best avenue for a young boy wanting to explore the game of golf.

A man that I serve with at church, who is an avid golfer, volunteered to take him out and hit some balls. His wife about week earlier, texted me with a picture of a junior golf set at Goodwill for $13! So, Boop has a set of clubs, and the man has since taken him out and shown him how to hit the ball.

Daddy found him a titanium driver that he is going to cut down and I am going to get him some whiffle balls before we have a neighborly accident. My sister's husband likes to golf, so maybe one day they can go out and hit a bucket of balls. Paul can hit them but isn't much on the finer points.

When our friend dropped Boop off from hitting some balls I asked if I need to quit my day job and get ready for the tour. He kind of chuckled and said maybe in about 10 years or so.  Like so much in life "who knows" but is having some fun right now . . .

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Harry Potter

We have got some mileage out of the Harry Potter series this summer.

Back in May, my sister mentioned that she was reading the first one and that it was good. She thought I might like them and the kids would definitely enjoy them. Honestly, I am not a big "fantasy" person. I have read the The Lord of the Rings and it was OK. And the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe books. Same reaction. I know, call me crazy. I remember when one of my boss's was reading them when they first came out. At least 15 years ago, I think.

I had been to our Goodwill book store and saw the first one and almost bought it. Just out of curiosity. But, I had told myself before I went in that if there was a book not on my list I would not buy it. I think I even mentioned it to the kids to keep me honest. I put it back on the shelf.

A couple of weeks later, I was at our local homeschool curriculum sale and a lady had the first three for sale. I happen to be standing next to a mom from our book club and I asked her about them. She whispered that she liked them and her kids loved them. That they even played dress up. (Her oldest child is Boop's age.) So, I bought them with the intention of reading them first.

Well, I know sooner got them in the house and finished the first one, then they all started bugging me about reading them. A few of their friends happen to be reading them this summer also. I got through most of the first one and then let them have them. They were hooked and it is almost all they talk about.

It has encouraged two of my reluctant readers to seriously read over the summer. We had to borrow the other four books from a friend. But, with four of us reading them, we have also had to get some from the library. Just to hard to share! It has been cool. The three older kids sequestered away in Boop's room all reading one of the books. They finally had something to talk about that they all could relate to. Super cool! And, of course, I knew what was going on because I was reading them also.

Nature Girl finished them all in like 10 days. Maybe two weeks. Little Mama is catching up to me with the fifth book and Boop is on the third. They have taken Pintrest tests to find out what house they would be in and what their Petronis would be. All three of them. Together. Boop has played spell games with his friends. The big girls giggle over Harry and Ron.

We have yet to watch the movies. When we go on vacation, Boop should be done with the third book so we are going to watch the first three movies. Everyone is super excited to see them. Daddy is probably excited to watch them just so he knows what the heck is going on. Half the time he has no idea if who they are talking about is real! Even EG gets in on all the action because of various videos on the Internet. The big girls are planning their Halloween costumes based on Harry Potter. And they have been teasing me about having a HP marathon movie night with friends. We shall see.

I try hard to avoid twaddly books. Books just not well written. I belong to a homeschool group that helps point to really good literature. And, about 2 months ago, they had a bunch of posts on Harry Potter and almost all of the moderators gave a thumbs up to the books. That they were well written and encouraged thoughts and ideas and had a great story line. I was sold. Some object to the magic or whatever, but we read a ton of fairy tales and mythology so I didn't see much difference. Plus, what great conversation starters at the house.

I have a little over two more books to go. I am curious how it all ends. I have to admit, I am ready to read something else. But, I will say it has been enjoyable and I am glad it was something I could do with the kids. And I am anticipating watching the movies with the family on vacation.

It has been a fun way to spend the summer  . . . .