Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Wedding

I had the great honor of seeing one of my best friend's son's get married last month. I have known the boy since he was about 12. Maybe a little older or younger. I just remember him coming to my house when I would watch her kids and he would just hang out and read on the couch. I hardly ever knew he was around!

It was small wedding for a couple of different reasons. They did most of the planning all on their own. But, a couple of weeks before the wedding my friend called me with a lot on her plate and wanting "help" with the rehearsal dinner. It was going to be at the church and they were going to do all the cooking. I immediately told her to relax and that we would make it work.

We had another meeting with another lady from church. We worked on decoration (thanks also to Pintrest) and got together a great serving crew (my kids and two of their friends also from our Life Group) and the dinner was a hit! The food was fab, the decorations were spectacular and everyone had a great time.

Pulled pork, slaw, mac and cheese, old fashion soda pops in a galvanized tub and ice cream in little mason jars. So, so cute! I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the room and all the decor. 

The next day, the wedding was so sweet. The kids loved watching their friend's big brother get married. They enjoyed celebrating and dancing with bride and groom's family and our church family. My friend and her family looked so wonderful all dressed up. 

It really was a special day. Just wish I would have got more pictures . . . 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Annual Event

We are still eating blueberries from last year's picking. But, it has been a tradition for at least 7 years. So, last Friday, make that two Fridays ago, we went blueberry picking again.

I don't know if it was because it was a little later in the season or because we had a bunch of rain a few days prior, but the blueberries were round and plump and oh so delicious. I don't usually pick and nibble but I did. They were that good!

We picked for about an hour and then headed over to the springs for a little jumping off the rope into the cool, greenish, blue water. It is almost a necessity after picking blueberries in the heat and humidity.

We didn't pick near as many as we did the year before.

This week we had blueberry and lemon pancakes. A family fav . . .

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nature Study the Easy Way

One day we were looking out onto our back porch and we noticed a little bird going in and out of our opened screen door. Come to find out it was a mommy and daddy bird making a nest in anticipation of laying some eggs.

Over the course of a few weeks, we watched the nest grow. And then a few days later (probably longer than that because time goes way too fast) we saw three little baby bird heads pop out. Their mouths wide open just waiting for food.

The parents were flying in and out constantly, just trying to keep them fed. The babies always had their mouths open every time we saw them. One of the big challenges for us was to keep Moose away. We blocked the shelves where the nest was with bikes and chairs.

Two days ago, while we were just hanging out, daddy happened to notice that the baby birds had flown the coop. The three of them were fluffing and pruning their feathers while trying to figure out how to fly. The mom and dad were out in the yard squawking and screeching trying to direct them out into the yard. The little guys had such a hard time finding the open screen door.

Also, Moose got sight of them from indoors and was sniffing and whimpering at the door. Finally, daddy decided to help out nature. One by one he scooped them up and placed them out in the yard. You could tell the mommy and daddy were freaking out. Like what is this danger thing doing.

Finally, the three of them and the mommy and daddy were scoping out the backyard. Before I let Moose out, I saw them under the camper. I wanted to be sure they had an escape route when the dog finally smelled them. Our backyard is pretty "safe." Moose has scared away the cats so we hope they have been successful in the next stage of their life . . .

Friday, June 19, 2015

In a Nutshell

I could go on and on about the girls bike trip this year. But, it would take too long and I wouldn't finish so I decided to just write down the few memorable moments they shared with me so we would have it down for posterity.

The first biking day was hard. Really hard. Little Mama didn't make it along with two other girls. They were a couple of the younger riders. It was super hot and crazy hilly and 50 miles. Daddy used his parental discretion and had LM get in the truck. Had it not been for her hospital stay 10 days prior he might not have been so gracious because he knew she could do it.

They next day they spent the whole day in a really nice, really huge retirement community. Their Youth Choir director went up to what he thought was an outside restaurant type deal filled with Vietnam Vets. He asked if the kids could sing for them. Turns out it was a bar and while the kids were signing all of the people passed a hat and collected like $70. They insisted that our pastor take it and walk down the road and buy all the kids ice cream!

Next, they "opened" for a local band called Randy and the Rockets or some such name. They really couldn't stand on the stage because they would have needed a permit. But, while the concert goers were waiting for the main attraction, the kids sang off to the side.

That night they performed for a dinner show. (I think it was that night.) Members of one of the church bought spaghetti dinners and the kids served it and then sang their performance. They people very graciously recorded the whole event and put it on Facebook.

The next day I was a mess because it was another 50 mile ride and I wanted LM to succeed. I knew she could do it. I also wanted the other two girls to finish the ride that day. I spent all day praying and checking Facebook to see what I could see.  Finally daddy called and I knew she had done it. Along with the other two girls. I was so, so thankful!

LM shared with me that instead of thinking about herself on her second 50 mile ride, she concentrated on encouraging those around her. Taking the focus off of her and putting her focus towards others. And it worked! She said it was an "easy" ride! The night before, the student leader of devotions, talked about encouraging others. Not just how encouraging others can help one another but in an off hand way it can bless you as well.  And Little Mama was paying attention!

The last day was a short ride, 30 plus miles to the beach. When they arrived, they stuck their front tire in the Atlantic, sang one more song to some people on the beach and had a great time just playing around.

A few of us moms drove the four hours to get them. Literally pulled up to the beach and loaded them up and headed back for home. I had a car full of girls. I thought they would sleep. They didn't. They talked and laughed and reminisced the entire time!

Nature Girl was worried that it wouldn't be as much fun as serving at the children's home last year. But she worried for nothing. She liked how last year they biked some where and stayed for a bunch of days. Getting to know kids and serving. But this year NG said she really enjoyed the fact that they got to sing a whole lot more. They sang at least once a day, if not more.

The trip is in the books. More memories made. They days of these youth are not being wasted that is for sure. . . .

(There are well over a hundred pictures. These are just a few in random order. I don't think I will ever have them all. I am not even sure I have seen them all.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ballerina Days

Not only have the big girls been preparing for a bike trip but all of them have had recitals in the last couple weeks. I love, love, love to watch them dance. I know I have said that before but it just never gets old. All three of them have improved a great deal this year.

EG would like to do something else I think. Although she isn't exactly sure (nor am I.) I think she finds ballet a bit confining. Next year she may try ballet/tap. We shall see.

For now we are taking a much needed break over the summer . . .

Monday, June 1, 2015

And They Are Off

I will be sharing a lot of pictures on Facebook of our church's Youth Choir Bike Trip. I dropped a bunch of them off yesterday afternoon around 4. They got organized, did a sound check, ate dinner and performed for the church's Sunday night service. Then it was devotions, getting set up for the night and in bed by 10. Up at 5:30 I think it was, traveled down to the beach, sang for the park ranger, put the back tire in the Gulf of Mexico and off they were off.

Fifty miles today. Maybe singing tonight. Service projects tomorrow at a huge retirement community and then some R & R. Then back on the road Wednesday for another 50. Singing that night and then Thursday on the road for 30 and front tires in the Atlantic.

Just a brief overview of what I know is going on. I will get periodic updates from hubby. So, so thankful he is on the trip. Such a great group of kids (and adults) who are so willing to serve in this awesome adventure of Coastal for Christ . . .