Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Birthday Boy!

He is 10 today! He is sweet and lovable and has a smile that everyone adores! He has his daddy's good looks and his servant's heart. God has great things in store for this young man!

He loves boats and planes and football and golf and basketball and baseball and archery and fishing and Moose and he loves to draw. Oh, and I can't forget Legos!

Last night was a family birthday dinner. Today he has the day off of school and he is going to lunch with daddy and shopping for an ENO. Later on next month his uncle is taking him fishing with a friend. Happy Birthday Little Man . . .

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Beach, Part Two

Lots of pictures left to post. Monday was Labor Day and we could tell. There were people everywhere. We didn't get to take our traditional family picture under the beach gazebo until Tuesday. Just because there were so many people coming and going. Monday we just hung close to the condo. Hung at the pool and just relaxed. The night before, we watched our traditional movie, Courageous. Hubby and I had gone to the movie theater to see it a bunch of years ago. It was such a good movie with such a great message. Our first year at the condo we let the kids watch it. Now it is a tradition.

Monday night the we were all super excited to watch our first Harry Potter movie. They loved it. I fell asleep. During my favorite part too. Well, one of my favorite parts in the book anyway and I really had wanted to see how they did it in the movie. Oh well. I guess I was tired!

Loved seeing daddy and EG holding hands walking down the beach. She love, loves her daddy. 

EG had to have a picture with her toes in the sand.

While we were walking on the beach, a young couple caught our attention and had to show us this crab. Boop chased it all around getting it's picture. EG and I think we found it's hole/home in the middle of the beach. He is kinda cute!

EG loved the water. We would walk ahead and I would turn around and she would be running and playing in the waves. And, of course, the sunsets on most nights was spectacular. Sunsets at the beach never get old. . 

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Beach

It has been almost a week since we got back from our much anticipated beach trip. Going to the beach is such, such a blessing for all of us! We know it isn't real life. We know it is a place for us to just unwind and relax and regroup. 

The week before, the kids ask if we can do this certain thing or that certain thing. Our response is "no." Not that we won't probably do much of what they ask, but we go with no plan whatsoever and no demands on our time. If we want to shop, we shop. If we want to fish, we fish. 

We spend most of our time going from pool, to hot tub, to beach. Repeat. It is just so good for our souls.

The view off our back porch. Pool and hot tub directly to the left. Beach directly across the street.

EG became an official swimmer on this trip. She was more than able to keep up with the big kids.

Once again, the majority of the week we were the only ones at the pool. Which worked for me because I didn't have to keep reminding them to be mindful of others. One particular day the kids, I felt, were being a little loud and disagreeable with each other. I said to myself "Geez, they are with each other all the time. Why all the fuss?" The next day I struck up a conversation with an grandmother type lady who was staying in the condo next to us. She, of course, asked about the kids and the whole school thing because it was the week after Labor Day. I explained we homeschooled and we go on vacation when everyone else goes back to school. She immediately said "I knew something was different. Your kids are quiet and so well behaved." I had to laugh inside because of my thoughts just the night before. The kids really were well behaved!

My people on the beach. The views the first night were spectacular. It was sooo good to be back and feel the sand in our toes. Our goal was to walk the beach every morning and every evening. That did not totally happen.

There was rain on the horizon the first night. LM was able to take a picture of the beautiful rainbow over the water and sand. So, so pretty.

The condo we stay in is super small. One bathroom for the six of us so it really can test our patience at times. Especially when you have to pee! But, the kids do their part to be considerate and somewhat thoughtful. I think because they enjoy our downtown just as much as we do . . . 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crack Me Up

It is no secret that most law enforcement officers will never get rich doing their job. Many of them, including hubby, make much of their money working details. Extra jobs, over and above their 2 week, 80 hour shift work, that private citizens or businesses pay them directly for security. We were told many, many years ago, never to count on detail money for survival. And we have done that. Many of the extras we have been so blessed with come from that extra detail money.

Well, we returned from our week at the beach on Sunday. We no sooner pulled in the driveway then a neighbor we have just recently met came up to our driveway and started talking with hubby. Hubby explained during the conversation that we literally just got home from a week long vacation at the beach and were getting unpacked.

That did not phase our neighbor. He leaned up against our mailbox, preceded to pull up his pant leg and show hubby a dog bite he had just received. (He exercises in the neighborhood.) All the while asking hubby whether or not he should call animal control.

I had to laugh. Maybe my husband should hang out a shingle that says Attorney for Hire. Or maybe Doctor. I guess our neighbor takes public servant very literally! Don't misunderstand. My husband is more than happy to help and he answers questions like that All The Time. And is totally fine with it. (As am I.)

I, of course, just felt we should have charged $600 for the consult . . .

Friday, September 4, 2015

World War II

We just finished a book for book club about World War II. And it just so happened their was a World War II exhibit at our local history museum so I decided to take the kids. It was cute. They had a section where you had to look around and identify WW 2 airplanes. That was right up Boop's ally. They also had a table about ration cards and another table about how to signal using Morris Code and flags. They also had information on growing a Victory Garden among other things.

We enjoyed our little trip. It was made better by some friends joining us! EG got to have her picture taken as Rosie the Riveter. Just yesterday, when the kids and I were at a restaurant with both their Grandmas, EG looked up and on the wall was a picture/display of ration cards and she picked them out right away. Proud mama/teacher moment.

I love when I don't have to work so hard to coordinate stuff. And it all just kind of falls together. Some days it is confirmation that I am on the right track . . .