Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Arrive

Traveling with the kids seemed a whole lot easier this time around. I know it is because they are older. And we have done this a time or two. But, I also had a pretty good system. Although it still needs some improvement. We went from Harry Potter on CD to reading. The reading part didn't work out so well though, it made the majority of them car sick. We had coloring books and crossword puzzles and if all else failed we had our math books. And then, towards the end of the day, they could watch a movie. They opted to listen to Harry Potter quite a bit. Not sure why we never did the books on CD thing before.

We didn't see snow until we got into Wisconsin. And we made great time. We got to the hotel in plenty of time to shower and meet G Pa and NK for dinner. EG was the only one who really wanted to check out the snow. It was super cold. Mostly because of the wind. But, I braved the weather and took her out. She LOVED it.

She didn't have gloves but grabbed a lot of snow. She ran in it and tried to make snowballs. There was some ice on the hilly driveway and she loved sliding down it on her feet. It took everything I had to keep up with her. 

EG in front of the hotel with the Moose. The hotel's Moose, not our Moose. ;) There was a little pond that had frozen over. She had to slide on that ice. Unfortunately, around the edges of the pond was slush and she kind of fell in it. But, she didn't want to go in. She kept playing with wet feet. The girl is made of steel!! Such a zest for life that I pray she never looses. Restrains a little bit though!

Our hotel was within walking distance of the Stadium. In fact, had the Packers won the week before, we would have been surrounded by out of town fans at the hotel.

Loved the snow!

Loved the bear. The cold never affected her. Grandma was hoping she had shoes on. She did for the first day or so. Eventually she was running from the hotel to the car without them. What's a little frost bite??

The hotel is amazing and we love staying when we are there. EG loved the bear inside too.

We met G Pa and NK for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed just getting caught up. We were looking forward to experiencing, in the next couple days, somethings that you can only do in the north. Stay tuned . . . 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Indiana Windmills

First, this is a disclaimer: I am pretty sure I took more pictures of the windmills in Indiana than I did of my kids.

The windmills just really blow my mind. I remember them from the last time we drove up through Indiana. Just looking at the miles and miles of them reminds me of some Syfy movie. They are massive! I was spinning a yarn as we were driving through them and the kids said I had quite the imagination. I envisioned them like aliens taking over the world. Sort of like transformers and if we watched them hard enough and long enough we would actually see them move. Almost like an army. Bending over to ransack a farm house.

To say I am intrigued by them would be an understatement. I really can't explain it. My pictures, with my phone, traveling at 79 miles an hour, just don't do the scene justice. I am not a big Syfy fan so my imagination is quite limited. But, I did entertain myself and the kids for the 15-20 or so minutes that we were able to see them. It definitely broke up the monotony of the Indiana farm countryside. . . .

Monday, January 11, 2016

Our Wisconsin Trip

This is how my oldest arrived in Wisconsin, Birkenstocks and capri leggings. Not sure what she was expecting. It didn't take long for her to find shoes that covered her whole foot and pants that covered her whole leg.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be posting pictures and thoughts of our adventures in the Frozen Tundra. It had not snowed until about a week before our travel date. And the weather, while we were there was unseasonably warm! It was a wonderful trip seeing the sights, visiting with an old friend and spending lots of time with Gpa and NK.

Stay tuned for my amateur pictures of the winter wonderland. And what Florida kids do in the snow . . .