Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet Moose

Like life ain't crazy enough, we have to adopt a 43 pound, 5 1/2 month old hound dog/wiemeriner mix puppy! (We have since found out he is probably a Catahoula Leopard Dog.)

Meet Moose.

We fell in love almost immediately.  He came and spent the night on New Year's Eve.  We decided then that he was just too big.  And he wanted to be a couch doggie.  So we brought him back to his foster mommy.  But, while looking at another yippy, smaller puppy we saw Moose again and we just decided to bring him home!

He is a puppy and has puppy behavior but he is super sweet.  And pretty lazy.  He has his active moments during the day and we are learning how to handle those.  We brought him to Meals on Wheels on Wednesday and are hoping to share him with our clients once he has some manners.  He is going to much needed puppy school.  Because he will be so big that was a must!

He is really smart and catches on pretty quick (but can be kinda stubborn.)  While walking him yesterday and training him not to pull on the leash, you could see the struggle to obey my command and his desire to do what he wanted to do.  He even kind of whimpered as he walked back to my side.  Kind of like us sometimes!  We know the right thing to do but doing it can be sooo hard!

Welcome to the family Moose . . . .

Thursday, January 8, 2015


With about a month left before my first and only half marathon, I thought I would give a quick update.  I have learned a lot about myself and my body in the last few months.

First, I do like to run.  I enjoy the solitude and the feeling of accomplishment that I have when I am done.

Second, I am not and will never be a long distance runner and I am finally OK with that.  About the 7 mile mark my body started to revolt.  Aches and pains that I was just not expecting.  After having been to the doc one too many times, I have come to the conclusion that having four babies and being 47 just does not lend itself well to long distance running.  Up until these past few weeks, I had really hoped to run the whole 13.1 miles.  It was a mental set back to realize that a plan of walking and running was just going to have to be the way it is.  And that is totally fine!

Third, I am encouraging my kids to start a habit of "exercising" while they are young.  Nothing major just a quick walk around the block or a bike ride a couple times a week.  Just developing a healthy, active life style.

Fourth, I am not so afraid of stray dogs anymore.  I haven't seen many lately and because I have been running more during the day, I actually see where some live and know which houses have invisible fences etc.

Fifth, I have met a really neat couple in the neighborhood.  The wife runs half marathons and has been an encouragement.  Unfortunately they have put their house up for sale and are moving to a nice piece of property in the North Georgia mountains.  I will miss seeing them.

Sixth, I am glad I am doing this with friends.  It has been great to see the encouragement through texts and talks that we give one another even though we don't "train" together.  Most importantly, I think it has made all of us really appreciate our health.

Seventh, I really hope to continuing running even after the 1/2.  Probably more along the 3-6 mile distance.

Well, this is probably the last post about my training until after the 1/2.  Here's hoping it goes well . . .