Friday, April 30, 2010

Non-Parenting Day

Yes, that is right. On Wednesday, the day the kids had ice cream for lunch, was officially declared a non-parenting day. Honestly, I was just tired of being a wife, parent, mother, teacher, social director, counselor, homemaker, chef, referee, etc., etc., etc.

So, after I wiped the tears away from my eyes and put on my big girl pants, I officially declared it a non-parenting day. And this is what it looked like:

When I came out of my hiding place, after talking with daddy, who was talking me off the ledge, my children had made me an ice cream sundae with cookies, hot fudge, and malted milk balls (it was delicious!). And that is when I officially declared it Non-Parenting Day.

And to officially kick it off I took them to TCBY for lunch. As I mentioned earlier, ice cream with cookie dough topping and as much hot fudge as they liked (they didn't feel well later on that night.)

A little later, Nature Girl asked if she could play her DS. I told her that even though I wasn't parenting, the rules were still the rules and there was no DS playing or TV watching during the week. It was up to her as to whether or not she wanted to obey. I heard her in her room going back and forth about what to do. At one point I heard say "Well, if I just play it for a couple of minutes. . . " I did mention that any type of disobedience, no matter how small, is still disobedience. I asked her later on if she ever did play her DS and she said no. That was huge!!

The kids were crawling up on chairs and stools to get games to play and toys. Never once did I tell them they had to put things away. The got their own snacks and drinks (which they did very well except I am pretty sure they ate too much junk.)

They wanted to do crafts, which I am not a fan of. I told Nature Gril to read the directions and if it said parental supervision then they couldn't do it because I wasn't parenting.

At one point they asked if their friends could come over. I told them, if they tell their friends to tell their parents that there isn't a parent at our house to supervise and if they were still able to come over, then that was fine. But, I made it perfectly clear that the neighbor kids' parents had to know there would be no supervision ;) Of course my kids didn't ask there friends to come over.

At about 4:30, I let them know we were going to church and they needed to be ready in an hour. Well, at 5:30 we walked out the door, the house was a wreck, they were dirty (well Boop mostly) and probably not dressed the nicest. Not sure hair was combed. But, we have a chore chart we do every day and they know it needs to be done before we go anywhere. And I guess they chose not to do it. (Daddy and I had talked about all of this before hand.)

So, on the way to church I let them know they would not be able to go with daddy in the AM to take Angel to the vet. They all love to go and see the other animals etc. Of course, they were a little perplexed and a little upset. I explained that they have had their chore charts for almost a year (at least I think that long) and if they were not able to finish it on their own then they could not take advantage of any extra outings. Of course there was grumbling and murmurings that I did not fully comprehend, but really no arguing. I think they realized they didn't have a valid excuse.

So, the next morning about 7AM (they usually aren't up until at least 7:30-8) hubby and I hear little gremlins creeping around in the living room. All three big kids were up cleaning the living room and straightening the things that they did not do the night before. All in an effort to go with daddy. Hubby and I were still in bed and just chuckling away and just a little bit proud, I guess.

It really was a great lead in to our family chat about first time obedience. We spent about 20 minutes talking about what we expected from them. And what they can expect from us. I gave the scripture verses so they understood that obedience doesn't come from us, it is really what God expects. Disobedience comes with discipline, but obedience comes with blessings.

So, after our little pow wow, the kids helped daddy load up Angel and take her to the vet. Granted it has only been a day, but I do see a little bit of change, in all of us. My goal is to have a home focused on God, that encourages healthy, loving relationships and part of that is just learning how to listen and to obey. And I am not just talking about the kids . . .

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bonus Post

Which usually means a rant of some type and this is nooooo different. I just read AOL headlines that says something to the affect "Is Myron Rolle to Smart for the NFL?" As many of you know I am a sports LOVER. I love sports. I think sometimes more than my hubby.

Anyway, Myron Rolle is a graduate from FSU. He left his senior year to study at Oxford. He was a Rhodes Scholar recipient. NOW, the NFL questions his commitment to football!!!!! Has the world gone absolutely nuts!! This is questioned by men who "would be pumping gas for a living if it weren't for football."

"Welcome to the 21st century NFL, where your commitment to the game doesn't get questioned if you fail multiple drug tests, drive drunk or rape a woman. But woe unto you if you have the audacity to graduate early from college and take a year off to pursue a Rhodes Scholarship."
*all quotes from the AOL article.

I am ashamed. I am mortified. I am angry. I am disgusted. And as seriously considering boycotting professional football. I feel I need to do something (that won't physically hurt someone ;)

What is wrong with this world . . .

Think Orange

I just started reading a new book. The premise of this particular book is that if the church (yellow, bright light, the lampstand) and the family (red, warm hearts) would work together (thus creating orange), what an effect it would have on this generation and the next generation and the next generation, etc. (You get the idea.) "Two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences." (All my quotes, unless otherwise noted are from the book Think Orange by Reggie Joiner.)

I am on the second or third chapter (hard to tell because of the way the book is set up.) Anyway, the following quotes have resonated with me big time, especially because of where we are in our family, homeschooling, training up period of our lives:

"There is something that bothers me. A lot of Christian parenting books I have read start with the premise that there is an ideal mom or dad. Theses superparents conduct morning devotions, pray together every night, play contemporary Christian music, put framed verses on their walls, stay neatly within their biblical roles as husband and wife, vote conservatively, and attend church every week, where they give 10 percent of their income."

"The problem is, I don't find a lot of good parenting examples in the Bible." And he goes on to list some of the more well known biblical parents.

"This motivates me: My parents were exponentially better at parenting than their parents." Which, if you follow his theory, our children will be better parents then we were. That gives me hope.

In just the first few pages of the book, he is trying to explain that a family's role is to love and demonstrate God's character through an unconditional relationship. Of course, he does not minimize the obedience to God's laws. But, there has to be that relationship there first. An unconditional love relationship that mirrors God's love.

As a rule follower, an advice taker, and a huge consumer of family and marriage books, all this information was very up lifting. Being brutally honest here, having unconditional love relationships is not my strong suit. But, after reading a few pages of this book, along with things my pastor has said and my continuing "struggle" with certain things, I think I have stumbled on to something.

One of the greatest things I can do for my children is demonstrate my unconditional love for God, my unconditional love for my husband and my unconditional love for them. Put God as the center of our house, in ALL things. And show them I am not perfect BUT when I fail I can ask forgiveness from those I have offended and from God.

"It is important to help parents understand that their role is not to impress their children or anyone else with their ability to parent. Their role is to impress on their children the love and character of God. . . . you help them parent from the perspective of a bigger story, one that allows room for our missteps but still encourages us to participate."

"God is at work telling a story of restoration and redemption through your family . . . learn to cooperate with whatever God desires to do in your heart today so your children will have a front-row seat to the grace and goodness of God."

What a relief!! I don't have to be perfect, I don't have to get it right, I don't have to follow the Pearls (although the do have some really great ideas.) But, when I don't get it right (and I get it wrong more than I get it right) God is going to use all of it for His glory, His story.

I have much more to understand, much more to change, much more to contemplate, much more to figure out and learn. But, I think I am on to something . . .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We had ice cream for lunch. Topped with cookie dough and as much hot fudge as they wanted. The kids LOVED it!! It has been one of those days. Tomorrow we are suspending school for awhile (except for Bible and Math) and are going to be concentrating strictly on immediate obedience. As an entire family.

Today is a free for all . . .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whirlwind Couple of Days

After church and lunch on Sunday, we headed back down south with Grandma. She had a follow-up doctor's appointment on Monday. We loaded up both cars (ours and Grandma's). Sissy drove Grandma's car because it was here and she still was not able to bend her knee.

We drove in some of the wickedest rain I have seen in a long time! At one point, I was certain it was tornado weather. But we made it through and made pretty good time.

Grandma's doctor's appoint went fabulous. Better than I could have expected. She was told she could take her brace off and she was free as a bird. Able to drive and work and just about anything! Of course, her knee was sore because it hasn't been used in 6 weeks. But the doctor said it would just take time to get the strength back and to stretch out the muscles and ligaments.

Right after the doc appointment we had to head back home. Sissy had to work the next day. So we gathered up our stuff (and there seemed to be a lot) and got on the road. We were home by 8PM.

Quick but good two days . . .

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yesterday and Today

I went to the doc for a check up. She told me I needed to eat more and rest more. Did I mention she has a wicked sense of humor? Ha, ha!

Then last night I took the big girls to our local Christian school's production of Little Women. It was fabulous. The girls had a big time! Nature Girl definitely identified with Jo, the second oldest sister. She watched her with rapt attention. Little Mama had many questions about what was going on and who said what and why. Every time the lights went down to change a scene, LM would ask me "Is it over?" and when I told her no she would say "Yea!"

While I had the big girls at the show, daddy had the little guys at the baseball game. I was impressed that daddy took EG. I thought that was very brave! But, he had reinforcements because Sissy and Alex were there as well. They all had a great time at the ballpark.

We are making a trip down south tomorrow to bring Grandma back home. The kids and I will go in the van and Sissy and Grandma will go in her car. I will take her to her doctor's appointment Monday afternoon and if she is healing well and the doctor says she can stay by herself she will stay home. If not, then we will bring her back with us. Either way, we hope to on the road by 4 to get back home.

So, probably no post until Tuesday. On the road again . . .

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love Boop This Much

Almost every night (unless a sporting event is on) I read aloud to the kids. The past few nights we have been reading in "grandma's room" so that she can hear the story too. I put EG down for the night and we all meet in the front room.

We just finished up The Door in the Wall and a couple nights ago we started Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne (NG loves Greek mythology). Anyway, Boop and NG were in the bed with Grandma and LM and I were on the floor. The story is about the Minotaur and I was reading about King Aegeus and his wife Medea. I read the following passage describing Medea:

"As I have already told you, she was a famous enchantress. According to some stories, she was in the habit of boiling old people in a large caldron, under pretence of making them young again; . . ." All of a sudden I heard the giggling and snickering come from up on the bed.

I finally asked what was so funny. Grandma proceeded to tell me that Boop just elbowed her and said "If your not careful, that could happen to you." Well, my mom thought was the funniest, cutest thing she had heard in awhile. I had to chuckle too. But, I also had the following thoughts: first, for our read alouds at night they are always pretty difficult books, not ones a four year old is typically being read. My second thought was "WOW, he is actually listening" and my last thought was "he is actually comprehending what I am reading!" I was amused by his comment and impressed by his smarts!

Then, the little guy woke up this morning with a bloody nose. Daddy told him maybe his stuffed animals were beating him up in the middle of the night! (I envision this battle taking place on his inflatable bed that he is still sleeping on in the girls room.) So, now I will be curious to see what he has to say when he goes to bed tonight.

I love having a little boy . . .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Review - The Five Love Languages

I read a lot about marriage and child raising. I like what the majority of the books have to say. And I usually can take away something useful. And this one was no exception.

Dr. Chapman explains there are 5 love languages (each language with a few dialects) and the key to a more fulfilling relationship is to love the other person according to their language. The concept applies to both spouses and children. It really kind of made sense. If someone has one type of love language and the spouse is "talking" in another love language, it could be compared to talking with that other person in a totally different language, like Russian maybe.

It turns out my love language is quality time, although my hubby and sister were pretty sure I didn't have one - ha, ha! I thought my hubby's was acts of service because he does so much for me, but as it turns out, his is a combination of three different ones.

I can pick out Little Mama's love language, she is definitely physical touch. Boop and Nature Girl are a little harder to pin point. EG is too young to tell. There is a book that discusses the love languages of children and that is next on my list.

It is going to be fun to love my family in their language and see what happens . . .

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last week I went in to talk with our new pastor about some ideas I have for, let's say, a family type ministry. I don't think it is any surprise to those who read my blog that I am very family oriented. And that in this day and age, even in Christian homes, there is just not enough family time.

Anyway, as he and I were chatting he let me know that he felt relationships were the most important part of any church growth or witnessing. Now, I am paraphrasing and writing my interpretation of the whole conversation because I wouldn't want any one to quote me word for word about what he said.

But, I did come away with a new appreciation for my growth as a Christian and what my purpose is in encouraging other Christians and others I come in contact with. For me to effectively "minister" to others there has to be a relationship. I could be the facilitator of a group, or yelling on the street corner, but, for the most part, if there is no relationship, anything I have to say is mostly likely not going to be received.

So, that got me thinking about my relationships with God, my immediately family, my neighbors, my friends and even those I casually encounter or those people I come in contact with that I don't even know. If I am not working on those relationships, a two-way street, then I can not effectively witness or minister to them. (In my humble opinion.)

I have already been working on my relationship with God, it isn't perfect but it is better than it was last year or even a month ago, for that matter. Next on my list is my relationship with my hubby and my children. There is always room for improvement there. I will then continue to widen my circle of friends, neighbors etc. Being willing to "minister" to them as God calls me to.

I want to be used by God. And right now I think he is asking me to work on my own personal relationships. A tall order for me, but here we go . . .

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Post

My cookies make me happy. The batch I made last week I gave them all away except for about 6. (If I may be so bold, my cookies make others happy too.)

I guess it is time to make some more . . .

Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayer Journal

Inspired by my friend who wrote the book Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, to be released August 2010. (Shamelessly plugging her book because it has been such an inspiration to me.)

Anyway, after I finished her book and started working on getting a regular prayer time going, I knew my next step would be to get a special prayer journal. (I had been using a plain ol' wide lined spiral notebook.) I knew I wanted a pretty prayer journal and to set it up like her example in the book.

When we went to Walmart a couple days later, I figured I would start my search there. And, I managed to find one of the prettiest journals (3 ringed binder) and it was inexpensive and I was able to set it up just how I wanted it. I have attached pictures. I wish I had the patience of a photographer. Unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice.

I set it up just like she suggested in her book and used really pretty colored dividers and loose leaf paper. I keep a pen in my journal and use it for just that purpose. I keep my journal behind the couch. And almost every morning at 6:45, after I have had my shower, I get a cup of coffee, sit on the couch and reach for it and start praying, keeping track of my prayers.

Most mornings, I give thanks, ask for forgiveness for my multitude of sins from the day before, I pray for everyone in my immediate family. For the church, for my pastor and his family, for friends who need prayer. The country. And I just started praying over my to-do list (boy does that need prayer) and my homeschooling journey.

It is easy for me to get wrapped up in the "things" I am suppose to do. But, my prayer journal, is one thing that is really to help me develop and strengthen a deep and personal relationship with God.

It is still in its early stages, but it seems to be working . . .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going Green and Granola

A friend of mine just did a post on how they are becoming "granola." I liked the term, I thought it was cute. But it also made me think about some of the things we have changed in the last couple of years.

Also, Food, Inc is going to be on T.V. sometime soon and in the past couple of weeks three people have recommended we see the movie. I sort of have a curiosity about it and even went so far as to ask hubby if he had any desire to see it. Thankfully he said no.

Now, it isn't that I am not interested in what the moving has to say. I am. But, I am one of those that reads something or hears something and buys into it hook, line and sinker. And then feels it can't been any other way (You know, that black and white, type A personality.) I am not a big eater as it is and I am scared to death that it will gross me out on the few things I do enjoy!

There are a few things we have been doing to "go green and granola" such as milling our own wheat for bread, cookies, and other baked goods. And trying to eat foods that are less processed. Using natural sweeteners and salt. We tried real peanut butter. I liked it but everyone else hated it. We tried to buy a side of beef but that fell through (not to mention we really didn't have the freezer space) and we are going to get farm fresh eggs from a lady hubby knows. We have had a garden for a couple years which has been somewhat successful.

We have been recycling for awhile, practice water conservation and compost as best we can. We take our green bags to the grocery store (when we remember.) We do those things mostly because God has given us this big, beautiful world full of wonderful things and we feel it is our obligation, responsibility to take care of it the best we can. And hopefully pass some of our ideals on to our children.

We aren't radical. And I think we have found a pretty doable way of life. Could there be some improvement, sure. Are we missing some main components, I suppose. But, for now, we are doing what we can to eat healthy and take care of our world. Another work in progress . . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Winged Creatures of the 5th Day

We have been studying birds for the past couple of months. It really has been interesting and I have learned a lot. (I hope the kids have.) Anyway, yesterday and the day before, we (daddy) made a birdhouse and a bird feeder. And he cleaned the Hummingbird feeder.

We are hoping to make the backyard a kind of bird sanctuary. I was looking into a birdbath, but our neighbor said they get real dirty, real fast and end up being more of a potty than a bath. I can't even keep our baths clean so we will probably pass on the birdbath.

We have two Live Oaks, a Red Maple, a Tulip Poplar, some type of Evergreen and some huge bushy looking tree thing. All ready for our new feathered friends. As far as birds go, we already have Cardinals, Mockingbirds and an occasional Blue Bird. So we are well on our way.

It will be fun to look out the window to see what other types of birds show up . . .

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Post

From yesterday.

I love reading. I could read anywhere. Will read anywhere when the opportunity presents itself, which unfortunately doesn't happen very often. I envision laying in a hammock or in a beach chair (on the beach,l of course.) In an easy chair by an open porch door when the breeze is blowing or when we are having a thunderstorm. I will read at the kids' gym when I don't have the little guys. I bring a book when I have any type of appointment so I can read while I wait. I have tried to read in bed, but by then I am so tired I get through a page or two. The other day during rest time I tried to sit on the couch and read. That didn't last long.

I am so glad that majority of our school is reading. Because I have gotten to read books that I have so thoroughly enjoyed while spending quality time with my kids. (And learning, but don't tell them.)

I smile when I think about reading. I smile when I think about books. It (they) make me happy . . .

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heightened State of Awareness

My original post was going to be about what makes me happy. But, as I sat down to my computer, to write my blog, I had to immediately get up and rescue EG from the top of a porcelain elephant that she used to stand up on to look out the little windows on the side of the door. About 2 feet from the ground. On top of a tile entry way.

This made me change my post. Ever since EG's little episode 10 days ago, we have been on a heightened state of awareness. Some conscious, some unconscious. It is constantly "Where's EG??" "What is EG doing?" "Has anybody seen EG recently?" "What does EG have in her mouth?" "What is she playing with now?" It is constant, whenever she is awake. It is like sitting on pins and needles all day long. Just waiting for something to happen.

She is up on top of the couch before you even realize she is near the couch. And running back and forth. If she hears a bathroom, bedroom or garage door open (any place she isn't to be), she is through the door before you even know it.

She is in every cupboard, every cabinet, every nook and cranny (behind the couch) in an instant. She is in the chair, on top of the table, pulling the curtains down before I have even had my breakfast.

Now, she pulls Buster's tail, pokes him in the eye, pulls on his collar. All in an effort, I guess, to show who is boss. She opens drawers and pulls things off the counters. Nap time is a must. Whoever takes a chance and possibly wakes her will pay dearly. We have changed her nickname to Wrecking Ball.

As one of the Olivia book's says "You know, you really wear me out." But, I will admit, when I sit here and think about her, I do smile. I just can't help it. I am all to aware of what the alternative could be . . .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Blog Series

Everyday I am going to post something that makes me happy. Something that when I just think about it, it makes me smile. It is going to be all about me. It's fun and it is easy. For me.

My cookies and milk after the kids go to bed . . .

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in Review

Why do they go by so fast? Especially the ones where daddy is off. Anyway, we had another great, exciting, busy weekend.

Friday, hubby indulged me by going up to see my Dream Cabin. It was a beautiful day for a drive. And, of course, it was all that I expected and more. I love being in the country. I am pretty sure the lady (family) who is selling the cabin is living my life. They have a great big house that was built by her husband. All wood, every where. They had cows and goats and chickens, a huge garden and a great big Pyrenees dog (NG identified it right away and then went on to explain what it does)

About 100 yards away from the "big house" was the little cabin or cook house they call it. The family just happened to have a 9 yo girl and 7 yo son so the kids had a big time running all over and exploring together. The cabin itself was so quaint inside. It could easily sleep the six of us. Two porches, one overlooking a little pond.

The piece of land the cabin is situated on is long and narrow with the cabin at the very front. If I had two negative things to say, one would be that I had envisioned the cabin being situated in the middle of nowhere and that wasn't the case. You can see the neighbors house, kind of right next store. And, secondly, it wasn't quite as "woodsy" as I had envisioned.

But, it was worth the drive. We met a really great family who invited us to stay longer next time. They are in the process of growing all that they eat. And even growing edible flowers! A really, really neat family. And I look forward to visiting them again.

Saturday we spent at the amusement park for NG's birthday. We got there pretty early to avoid a lot of the long lines. Even though there seemed to be more people, it really didn't seem that crowded. I think part of the reason why was because the water park. was open. It was a little chilly for us, but we will definitely do it next time.

We had a great time riding rides. Nature Girl went on the Hangman which is a massive upside down, sideways, corkscrew, loopty loop roller coaster. I was so proud of her. Daddy said she wasn't scared a lick and it was intense! Little Mama rode plenty of rides by herself so that was cool too. Boop has to grow a couple more inches but he is ready to ride the big stuff soon!

The kids talked me into riding the River Rapids or some such thing. I watched everyone coming off and they did seem too awfully wet. Well, much to my surprise and maybe because of the way the inner tube hit the spiraling water funnel, I got soaking wet, to the bone. Two hours later, when we left, I was still wet. Every one got a great big chuckle out of that. Unfortunately, the only thing EG got to do was ride the stroller. But, she didn't seemed to mind much, if we just let her out occasionally to waddle around. (And of course made sure she had food.)

This time we went to the Adventure Show with snakes and alligators and we fed the birds in the Aviary. We also took the time to walk the nature trail which had some pretty cool animals.

Because we had left early in the morning, we were able to get home by dinner time. Which was good. Everyone was tired and ready to relax.

Yesterday we spent the morning at church and then Nature Girl got to go shopping with Sissy and Grandma. I know she loved that! They took her to Famous Daves for lunch and then to the mall. She got a cute outfit, some earrings, a purse and a Build A Bear.

And to end the weekend we had a family birthday party for my big nine year old. We just ordered pizza and the kids played outside. She opened presents and ate cake (red velvet of course.) She got a Zhu Zhu pet and earrings, a kit to make her own garden stones, a roll up mat to work her puzzles on and some beautiful pink and purple flowers. She also got everything an aspiring young bug catcher could possibly need: a net, a couple of insect containers, and two magnifiers and an insect field guide and a butterfly and moth field guide. Oh, and I can't forget a book light so she can read her encyclopedias in bed, at night.

All in all, a great, blurry birthday weekend . . .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Nature Girl!

Nine years ago, is that possible, nine years ago today our family grew by one. This is Nature Girl:

"No" is never an option she is willing to accept.
My heart trembles when she says "Hey, I have an idea."
She has some really great ideas and insists she can do it herself.
She sings and dances around the house, constantly.
Life is one big science experiment to her.
She lives up to her nickname of Nature Girl.
She loves bugs, horses, dogs and just about every other living creature.
She is not afraid of anything, except bees.
She makes a friend every where she goes.
She is quick with a smile.
"No" is not an option for her to accept.
She loves to read and to learn (especially about things she is interested in.)
She likes it when I read to her.
She likes to cuddle when she is in the mood (much like a cat I think.)
She is very independent.
She is beautiful and oh, so graceful.
She wants to touch and experience everything she can.
"No" is not an option for her.
She would make a great lawyer because she loves to plead her case "but, but, but . . . ".
I depend on her greatly.

She is definitely growing up. And I am pretty sure I am not OK with that. But, I am going to do better to treasure every day with each one of my children. Happy, Happy Birthday Nature Girl . . .

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Saturday

We are off to the amusement park to celebrate Nature Girl's 9th birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I just can't believe it! Times flies when you are having fun . . .

Friday, April 9, 2010

OK, One Last Thing

I have started a prayer journal, thanks to my friend who has written a great book on prayer (Confessions of a Prayer Slacker to be available August 2010).

So, on April 2, 2010, my one and only prayer for EG was to keep her healthy. I believe God listens to my prayers . . .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review - Staying True

This was not a book I would have normally picked up to read. But, my sister recommended it and I thought sure, why not.

I don't watch the news so was unfamiliar with the story of Jenny Sanford, wife to Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Her husband, after years of running his campaigns on honor and accountability in government, had an affair (numerous affairs) and got caught.

It wasn't a poor me book by any stretch of the imagination. It was a book about a woman who believed in marriage and family and honor and respectability and God and her husband. She had a very healthy godly view of marriage and knew it wasn't perfect and knew it wouldn't be easy. But, also knew she would be very committed to whatever married life had in store for her. And, as she looked back on her courtship with her husband, she admits there were signs as to what type of man she was marrying.

Unfortunately, her story is all too real for many women. It is definitely a book that would encourage anyone going through such trials. I don't condone divorce, but Mrs. Sanford did all she could to save her marriage and just was not able to, through no fault of her own. It is a story of courage and determination. Of faith and hope.

A good summer (spring) read . . .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, I had a whole post typed on the latest book I just finished. And, now, I just went to post it and it is GONE! Bummer. It is 9:00PM and we have had a full day. And I do not have the brain power to post anything of significance. So, this is it I am afraid.

Tomorrow will be my book review. I know you all will be waiting with anticipation . . .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Last Thing

So, when I was talking with the dispatcher on Saturday, she was great. She told me exactly what to do and she kept telling me to be calm. She gave me directions like to collect the pills and bottles, to keep my eye on the baby, to just keep talking to her.

When daddy arrived home, he started giving me directions as well. I was so uptight and I couldn't understand why he was talking to me while I was trying to listen to the dispatcher. They were essentially telling me the same thing. And I was trying to listen to both at the same time. And I was getting increasingly more agitated. I finally asked daddy to take EG outside and wait for the ambulance. All the while the dispatcher was telling me to just hold on, the ambulance was almost there. The minute the ambulance arrived, I thanked her and hung the phone.

Later, at the hospital, I mentioned to daddy how difficult it was for me, earlier, to listen to the dispatcher and to him at the same time. And I asked him why, at the house, he kept telling me what to do and trying to talk with me while I was on the phone with her. This is what he proceeded to tell me, he basically said:

"When I arrive on scene, I am in charge. If it had been some other mother, I would have taken the phone away from her and told her 'You are to listen to me now.'" And that was what he was doing when he got home on Saturday, he was taking charge of the scene, as a first responder.

As the conversation continued, I explained to him that when he arrived home, before the ambulance, I did not see him as a "first responder," the man in charge. I saw him as my husband, EG's daddy. His polyester green uniform, badge and gun signified nothing to me. Am I making sense?

Because he does this type of thing all day long, he just did what he does. It never occurred to me, he was doing his job. Even though it was his family, he still knew what to do and what the "procedures" were and what happens next, etc., etc. I, on the other hand, was looking to the dispatcher to tell me what to do. Because the deputy on scene was my husband, just my husband (well, not just my husband, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, I chuckle about it now. About how I see my hubby, what he does for a living, how kind of comical it was (after the fact, of course.) As I said to my hubby, the paramedic and the ER nurse, "I don't know how you all do it?" I made sure to thank each and everyone of the first responders. What thankless, hard jobs they do, everyday . . .

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Haaapppyy Anniversary! To my hubby of 13 years, at least I think it is 13. I had to check with my sister this morning!

I know I have posted about my fairy tale wedding and to this day, it truly still seems that way.

I would be lying if I said marriage is easy. In 13 years, we have had our share of ups and downs. I believe in marriage as a covenant between me, my husband and God. It is serious business. And there are times when it can be hard. But, I have married my best friend. A man who "gets me" and loves me and stays with me anyway ;)

We are going to dinner tonight so I am looking forward to that. And to see what the next 13 plus 13 plus 13 plus 13 more years have in store . . .

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Unexpected Turn of Events

Today I was suppose to clean the master bath. Oh boy, did it need it. Honestly, way past needing it. Have I mentioned how much I hate to clean the house? I love to straighten and organize (although those of you who have been to the house would probably doubt that.)

I debated whether or not I was going to post about today. But, as I have said from the beginning, blogging is therapeutic for me and it is also a way for me to document my, our, lives. And to leave today out, would not be an actual recounting of our family history. So, here it goes. . .

The kids and I went to the grocery store. Yes, on a Saturday. I have found if I get there before 10AM, it is pretty empty. As we are leaving the store, most every one else is coming to the store.

Anyway, we got home and unloaded the car. The big kids were playing in the front yard, I think. EG was wondering around the house, getting into everything, as usual. For a little while she was playing with some toys in the living room. I was thankful she wasn't underfoot. I was making good progress getting all my groceries put away. But, all of a sudden, I wondered where she was? I hadn't heard her in awhile and she was not underfoot.

Unfortunately I found her on the floor, somewhere she shouldn't be, with a bunch of pills laying all around her. I immediately screamed and did a figure swipe of her mouth to get any medication out of her mouth. I honestly had no idea whether or not she had ingested anything. But knowing she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, I knew the chances were good that she had.

I knew I had to call 911 but I had to call daddy first because if he heard our address on his radio he would freak. Of course he told me to call 911, which I did, and he flipped his light bar on and made it to the house in 5 minutes. Before the ambulance.

The dispatcher was fabulous. She got all my info and contacted poison control and they told me what to do and what might happen. The dispatcher continually told me to remain calm and to take deep breathes. The ambulance finally arrived a few minutes later, although it felt like a life time.

EG was still being EG. Running, smiling and just being her. All the neighbors were outsde and then the fire engine showed up. A real spectacle. EG and I got into the ambulance and the paramedic got vitals and we went on our way to the hospital. They were running routine, no lights and sirens. She seemed OK.

On our way to the hospital she started to become lethargic. Her pupils dilated. I told the paramedic that her behavior was not normal. He asked if it were close to her nap time and I said sort of. But, I continued to let him know that she never, ever sits still. I asked him if we could go faster. She just wasn't right. She started to look kind of pale and was slow to respond. He told the driver to turn on the lights and get us to the hospital. (Nobody, and I mean nobody, knows a child better than the mama!)

I started to pray over her. Asking God to spare my baby. I cried. I was border line hysterical. I just wanted to get to the hospital and it seemed like it was taking forever and she just seemed to be getting worse. I just kept praying, begging God to leave me my baby. I will never forget how I felt. Yet, to remember it seems like a bad dream.

We finally got to the hospital. Honestly, I don't remember much about that part. She was groggy. She was wanting to sleep. The only way they check for drugs in the system is by a urine test. So, because she had good vitals they decided to try to give her lots of fluids and put a urine bag on her instead of a catheter. Worked for me. I am a noninvasive kind of gal.

After about a bottle of Gatorade she just wouldn't pee. By this time she was sound asleep. A drug induced sleep I was certain. The doctor, I don't think believed she had anything in her. He kept asking me about nap time. I kept telling him, nap time or not, she was not, ever, this still. She still hadn't peed. They tried a catheter two different times and couldn't get it in. Each time, she would wake up long enough to cry and protest but then would immediately go back to sleep.

Finally after a three/four hour nap they decided to draw blood. By this time I had convinced them enough that something was definitely wrong with her. So, we knew what the two pills were that she could possibly have ingested and one of the treatments was charcoal. So, they brought her one big ol' oral syringe of it. And for 15 minute the nurse and I struggled to give it to her. Nasty, dark and thick. (She eventually threw some of it up.)

Finally she finished it, but went right back to sleep. They decided one last time to put a catheter in to get urine to be tested. This time they had a different lady who was the best on the floor. She was successful with a minimal amount of trouble. By this time we had been in the ER for at least 5 hours.

The last cath try woke EG up enough that she started to act like herself. At least she would sit up and look around to see what was going on. Pupils still dilated and still slow to respond. Up until that point, she had been laying/sleeping on me and had not uttered a word. Except for calling for daddy once after they stuck her. But now, she was "talking" just a little bit. Things were starting to look better.

The urine test came back positive for the drug she had already been treated for. What a blessing. The doctor was a little surprised that she had something in her system. I guess he was still holding to the fact that it was nap time. But, in his defense, he did not know my EG!

About an hour after that, we were discharged. With instructions just to watch her. And if there were any change, whatsoever, to come back.

I am not even going to go into all the emotions I have felt today. Most of them are indescribable. The only emotion or feeling I have right now is tiredness and utter thankfulness.

I hold to the fact that God allows things for His purpose, His plan. Sometimes we have no idea what that purpose or plan is. Today was one of those days. As daddy and I had time to talk in the ER, we knew that one good thing to come out of all this, is our need to be more diligent around the house with things that are potentially dangerous. I am sort of guilty in thinking "It won't happen to us." Why do I think that? I have know idea. Do I know that it can? Most definitely. I don't kid myself, I DO KNOW accidents can happen. But, we, as a family are responsible to do our best to make sure that they don't. So, one lesson learned. It CAN happen to us. And by God's great grace and awesome mercy, we are all happy and healthy, today. For that, I am eternally thankful . . .

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die

by John Piper.

"God's law demanded, 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might' (Deuteronomy 6:5). But we have all loved other things more. This is what sin is - dishonoring God by preferring other things over him, and acting on those preferences. Therefore, the Bible says, 'All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God' (Romans 3:23). We glorify what we enjoy most. And it isn't God. . . . . The Creator of the universe is infinitely worthy of respect and admiration and loyalty. Therefore, failure to love him is not trivial - it is treason. . . . Since God is just, he does not sweep these crimes under the rug of the universe. He feels a holy wrath against them. They deserve to be punished, and he has made this clear: "For the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23). . . . There is a holy curse hanging over all sin. Not to punish would be unjust. . . . But the love of God does not rest with the curse that hangs over all sinful humanity. He is not content to show wrath, no matter how holy it is. Therefore God sends his own Son to absorb his wrath and bear the curse for all who trust him. . . . ."In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to the [wrath-absorbing] propitiation for our sins" (1 John 4:10)

Enough for today. . .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleepless Nights

When EG wakes up in the middle of the night and is inconsolable, I go in and get her. She grabs her blankets and her two loveys and I put her in the twin bed, in her (Boop's) room with me.

For the last few nights, EG has been restless. She squawks and kind of cries. I can hear her rolling around, trying to get comfortable. Last night she never did get comfortable and after about a half hour of listening to her kind of whining and fussing and rolling around, I went in to get her.

She was sitting in the middle of her crib, with her blankets in hand, just waiting for me to come get her . . .