Saturday, August 31, 2013

More PW Cooking

The following are some pictures for some PW recipes I have done over the summer.  I will try to remember what they all are.
I think this is a tomato brisket.  I remember it being delicious and pretty easy.

The following pictures are from the perfect spinach salad.  We will definitely do that again.  We love salad for dinner around here.  The bread is sour dough that I am able to make from my ground wheat.  (Not PW)  We ate it with the salad.  It is really good and healthier then regular bread.  I am still trying to perfect the loaf.  Mine comes out a little flat but it is tasty.  Especially when it is right out of the oven with lots of butter.

Next was steak with a creamy blue cheese, onion sauce.  It was good but I am not sure we would do it again.  I think the taste overwhelmed the flavor of the steak.  And hubby makes a really good steak.

Lastly was PW sloppy joes.  We had friends over for dinner that night and everyone raved over the recipe.  It is definitely better than Manwich!!  It had a lot of flavor!  We made so much that we froze what we had left over and ate the rest just the other night.  I didn't get a presentation plate picture so you will just have to take my word that it looked delicious once placed on a buttery, toasted bun.

I haven't tried a recipe in a couple weeks.  And, with school and ballet starting and I am not sure how it will work out.  But, I miss the challenge so we will see. . . 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Perfect Vacation

I love to travel.  I love to see new places.  I love to go to places I have never been.  I love to go to places that I have been before.

But, as far as vacations go, this absolutely ranks up there!  We went from the beach to the pool to the beach to the pool to the hot tub.  And got up and did it all over again the next day and the next day and the next day.  Well, you get the picture.

It took me a day to get the hang of it.  I can feel guilty about doing nothing.  But, by day two I was in the zone! We got up in the morning and drank coffee and ate breakfast on the porch watching the joggers go by.  We would walk on the beach and come back and swim.  We would eat lunch and swim some more and then go back to the beach either in the afternoon or at sunset.

We did some shopping at Bass Pro, of course, and the outlet mall.  We ate ice cream and walked along the harbor which was a big time tourist trap!  We went to a movie, to a couple local air museums on military bases and one night went fishing.  We played games and watched movies.  But, we mostly swam and walked the beach.  We swam and sat in the hot tub in the rain.  (It wasn't thundering or lightening.) I read a whole book!  We ate a lot it seems.

The kids were fabulous!!  I was a little nervous all six of us in such a tiny place.  But, they really did awesome.  They worked out sleeping arrangements on their own.  (EG and NG in the fold out bed.  LM on the top bunk and Boop on the bottom.)  They did things like take out garbage and sweep with out any complaining.  We had to keep things pretty neat because their just wasn't room for a mess!

They played games with each other in and out of the pool.  They took turns teaching EG how to swim.

I don't have a bunch of pictures because my battery on my camera was low and I didn't bring the charger.  But, I have a few to commemorate the vacation.  We are going to try to take advantage of this awesome opportunity again.

What a great way to start our school year . . .

Front of the condo.

The beach access across the street.

The first night we were there the waves were about 6 feet!  It was crazy to watch them roll in.

Gorgeous sunset.

My beautiful family on the beautiful beach.

The moon!

Nature is so awesome!

The view from our patio.

The pool right to the side of our patio.

Silly morning girl!

Bathing beauties.

Still crazy waves for a few days.

Gotta love her just doing her own thing.

Finding sand fleas.

Sun and sand and siblings.

Naval Air Museum on a rainy day.  Such a great place.  Boop is over the moon about military planes now.

My angels getting their pictures taken in Blue Angels.

Daddy in all his glory.  Big guns!

There I am in the corner of the picture.

Our complete vacation with a trip to Bass Pro.

Daddy teaching Little Mama to fish.  She said it was her favorite part.  No fish caught though.

Everyone got a chance to fish but my camera died.