Saturday, August 23, 2014


ROC - Remember Our Creator ( . . . in the days of your youth.)  That is the name of our church's youth group.  And this summer they took ROC on the road which meant, as parents, we could host their Sunday night get togethers.  And we did!

It was great for a bunch of different reasons.  It was so awesome to sit around and sing together and hear stories and testimonies from the kids as to what they did this summer.  And how they saw God working in their lives.

It was fun to watch them all play together.  Including LM, EG and Boop.  And, one of the really neat parts was we really didn't have to do anything!  They brought the pizza, the youth pastor did the talking and one of the youth organized games.  Now if all of our get togethers could be so simple!

We have known many of the kids since they were younger.  And it really was a joy to have them in our home worshiping, talking and hanging out together . . .

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Redneck Summer

The kids found this fun activity on accident.  They all had a blast.  A big tarp (doesn't every backyard have one or six), a little dish soap, a hose and boogie boards.  And don't forget the crazy hot day and lots of sunshine.

Ahhh, the days of summer . . . .

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Training" Tidbits

Things I am learning as I am "training":

I am crazy scared of injuring something.

If I do not run first things in the morning, chances are I will not do it.

We will have to be organized and some what structured if I am going to continue to run during the school year.

My kids are more than capable of getting up, eating breakfast and doing their chores while I am running in the morning.

When I run by people I can't help but wonder what they are thinking.  Things like "wow, she is slow" or "why is she holding her phone?"

There is only so much time in the day.

You really can have only one priority.

For me to be successful, I have to have support from my family.

I am crazy competitive against myself.  I want to run further and faster.  And pretty sure I can't.  And shouldn't.  (Because I don't want to get hurt.)

We have a bunch of neighbors I have never seen before.

There is a lot going on first thing Saturday mornings.

I never in a million years would have thought I would be walking/running 5 times a week.

I love exercise clothes (so big and comfortable) and no longer consider myself a poser wearing them.

I looked down over the weekend and actually saw calf muscles!

So far so good . . . .

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Question

Because NG is entering her last year of middle school, I have gotten the question, more than once, "What about high school?"  So, these are my thoughts about homeschooling, in a nutshell.

Obviously I am a firm believer of homeschooling otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.  I am a huge proponent of homeschooling in the elementary school age.  I think it provides a great opportunity to build a wonderful biblical and educational foundation.

I am also a firm believer of homeschooling in middle school.  Being a teenager can be hard.  So much going on emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.  It is a great time to give my kids short wings.  To experience some of life and to sow and reap etc.  But, we are always a conversation away.  When "stuff" happens and it does, no matter what.  We get to discuss much of it almost immediately.  There is still time for guidance and reassurance and some times redirecting.  Little by little preparing them to leave the nest.

As for high school, I am not planning on sending any of them to high school.  I would like to finish what we started.  But, I will never say never.  I have been alive too long to know that things change.  That being said, there are soooo many wonderful opportunities for high school homeschoolers.  Dual enrolment at the local community college, co-ops, writing and science classes offered.  Flexibility for work, travel, missions etc.

I don't have to know everything.  But, I know people who do know a lot of things about certain things.  And I will go to them as resources.  I also know that my kids know how to find out about things.  It is rare I answer a question for them.  They usually are expected to find out for themselves.  I was once told by a veteran homeschool mom while in the grocery store, "When asked by curious people about a certain subject, topic, date in history etc. just encourage your children, if they don't know the answer to reply 'We don't know the answer to that but we can certainly find out.'"  In other words, it is impossible for me, or any other teacher, to ever be able to teach everything to every student.  But, if we teach our kids how to find out information, how to research and know their way around a library and/or the Internet, we are doing more than OK.

So, we are a year away from high school.  And my educational plan has not changed.  Homeschool all the way through . . .

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Haiti Team

I believe the above pictured people are truly a team.  The majority of the people pictured have been to Haiti at least once in the past 12 months.  And the neatest thing is, all but one of the people pictured, is under the age of 30!

Majority of this group had been to Haiti just a couple of months ago.  And their love for Jesus, orphans, and the Haitian people compelled them to go back within months of their return to the states.  So, a week and a half ago, our family along with a couple of others met at the airport at a crazy early time and sent them off on their mission.

It is such a neat, neat time.  We stand around and they tell stories and we hold hands and pray together right in the middle of the airport.  We give cards and Scriptures verses and words of encouragement to send them off.  We give hugs and there are usually tears.

I had the opportunity to talk with one of the young girls the other night.  (They all have been very patient with my questions and curiosity.)  She just said how she knew from an early age she wanted to work with orphans.  She just was waiting on God to show her how and when.  Now that she has been and back twice, she said she misses it.  Her heart is there.

I applauded her.  Although that doesn't sound like the right.  Anyway, I told her I barely remember my 20s and I was just so proud of her (and the others) to use her youth and singleness and gifts and talents to follow what God was calling them to do.  She is planning on going back at the end of the year with a couple of others from the same group.  She is also thinking about long term missions next year.

My body tingles and tears come to my eyes when I think about what these young people are willing to sacrifice for the sake of following Christ!  They are such wonderful examples and encouragement for all of us who desire to follow Christ.  We have mission fields all around us, whether here or abroad.

As I have mentioned before, my desire is to some day follow in her foot steps into the foreign mission field.  But until then, I will support each and every person from our church who is willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus to "the least of these."  Knowing they are expanding and glorifying the Kingdom of God .  . .