Wednesday, June 29, 2016


#GraceWins. I just loved the theme for this year's SonPower singing, recording and serving trip for my youth age girls! I am desperately trying to get one of the t-shirts to wear. The shape of the cross on the shirt is made up of words written in dark gray that name all kinds of sin. Adultery, anger, depression, coveting, jealousy, selfishness, gluttony. Just to name a few. But right smack in the middle of the cross, in red letters is #GraceWins.

Ok, so enough of that! ;) Now just a few pictures of my people doing their thing last week. Wish the pictures were in some type of order but I don't know how to move them around. ;(

(NG serving at a daycare)

(Nightly devotions. Many nights around 10PM)

(Lovely lunch buddies in the park)

(Matthew West came and performed for the kids)

(Sweet LM helping to clean a Christian grocery store that helps the homeless and low income families)

(LM doing ballet and volleyball at the same time)

(NG at the daycare with her new friend)

(No teenage trip would be complete without a selfie or two)

(NG working at the grocery store)

(The massive cross outside of the church they stay at all week)

(Where ballet meets volleyball.)

(Favorite pass time this summer - volleyball)

So, thankful for the adults who feed these kids and drive them around and guide them and protect them. And still have time to take a few pictures. Fun time had by all . . . . 

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